Man snatches 81 year old’s purse as she leaves bank

On Tuesday September 6 at around 1130AM an 81 year woman exited a bank in the 800 block of Vernon Ave. As the woman was returning to her car she was called over by a man in another vehicle.  The man had stopped his car in the driving lane of the parking lot and asked the senior for directions.

When the woman approached the driver’s side window of the car she attempted to help him.  As she started to point in the direction of where the man was asking to go the man reached out of his window and grabbed her clutch/wallet, which she was still holding in her hand. 

After stealing her clutch the man sped off in his vehicle.  The 81 year old senior started to yell and attempted to chase after the car, she then called Police.

After Police were contacted they arrived very quickly, as the bank is diagonally across the street from the Police Department.  Police spoke to the victim and then identified a witness.  Luckily this alert witness saw the victim chasing after the car, thought it was suspicious, and wrote down the licence plate. 

Saanich Police requested the Shawnigan Lake RCMP be on the lookout for this vehicle as it had been seen in that area earlier this year.  A few hours later the Shawnigan Lake RCMP located the vehicle, the suspect was arrested and Saanich Police transported him to their detention facility.

“We would like to remind people to secure their belongings before they leave financial institutes.” A/Sgt. Jereme Leslie said.  “Even if you’re in an extremely safe neighbourhood there is always someone who is looking to take advantage of a situation.”

A 35 year old south island resident is currently facing one count of theft under $5000 and one count of unauthorized use of a credit card.  The suspect is scheduled to appear in court in mid-October.

A/Sgt. Jereme Leslie

SPD File 16-20527 refers

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