Five Business B&E’s in Two Days

On the evening of October 5, 2016 there were 2 business B&E’s in the area of Gorge Rd in Saanich.  The next night, on the evening of October 6, 2016, there were 3 business B&E’s in the Shelbourne corridor of Saanich. 

In all B&E’s the person(s) responsible have gained access to the businesses by breaking the glass on the front of the entry of the stores.  The areas targeted inside the stores have been areas that would normally contain cash. 

Business owners are encouraged to not leave any cash on site and taking extra steps to ensure anyone would know that no cash is left on the premise.  Saanich Police are also asking for people to contact them if they see anything suspicious.

A/Sgt. Jereme Leslie

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