Woman attacked in her home

On October 24, 2016 just before 9:00AM a FedEx delivery driver was delivering a package to a home in the 2800 block of Adelaide Ave.  The delivery driver spoke to the homeowner, a 40 year old lady had been home alone with her infant child, and needed payment for the delivery.  The woman went inside to call her husband, who had gone to work earlier in the morning, to confirm the required payment.

The driver waited at the front door as the woman was on the phone with her husband.  As the driver waited an unknown man pushed past him, opened the front door, and entered the home.  Once inside the home suspect attempted to grab the package run through the house.  As the woman followed him into her home he then picked up a potted plant and struck her several times on the head.  The woman then called 9-1-1 stating she had been attacked in her own home. 

After the attack the suspect fled and the heads up FedEx driver followed the suspect and also called 911.  Saanich Police were quickly on scene and were able to arrest the suspect.

“This incident is very unusual as this residential neighbourhood is a very safe area in our community.”  said A/Sgt. Jereme Leslie.  “Luckily the FedEx driver was alert, called Police and followed the suspect which resulted in a quick arrest.”

The 40 year old victim was transported to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries.

A 33 year old Victoria man, who is known to Police, is currently in Police custody and will be held for court.  Saanich Police will be recommending charges of, assault with a weapon and being unlawfully in a dwelling house.  

A/Sgt. Jereme Leslie

SPD File 16-24424 refers

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