Police urge smokers to “butt out” safely

The Saanich Police are urging smokers to extinguish their cigarettes, cigars, or any substances being smoked in a safe manner. Given the prevalence of wild fires in British Columbia, coupled with the prolonged, hot, dry weather in Southern Vancouver Island, Saanich Police are reminding the public to use extra caution when “butting out”.

“Our officers will be enforcing Section 3 (1) of the British Columbia Wildfire Act which deals with dropping, releasing or mishandling burning substances that may cause a fire in a forest land or grassland,” said Det. Cst. Kowalewich. Kowalewich added that this carries a fine of $575.00.

With the current weather conditions, the Municipality of Saanich and the Capital Regional District have areas that are highly susceptible to wildfires. Fires from cigarette butts are preventable and the Saanich Police are committed to keeping the public safe by educating the public and enforcing the BC Wildfire Act.



Detective Cst. Damian Kowalewich

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