Don’t Let The Grinch Steal Your Christmas!

The holiday season is in full swing, and many will be spending time shopping for gifts, attending parties and celebrations, and charities are collecting much‐needed donations. Festive activities are usually the main focus, and crime prevention sometimes takes the backburner.  Here are some important safety reminders for everyone to make sure they have a safe holiday season.

  • When you’re out shopping make sure you park in a well-lit area. Ensure you lock your doors when you leave your vehicle and make sure you keep your shopping bags out of sight.
  • Be aware of scams! The Canadian Anti‐Fraud Centre (CAFC) is the central agency in Canada that collects information and criminal intelligence on Mass Marketing Fraud (telemarketing), advanced‐fee fraud letters (Nigerian letters), internet fraud and identity theft complaints. Check out their website for a list of various frauds. Remember if it seems too good to be true, it probably is!
  • If making a purchase online or through classified ads, arrange to meet at a neutral, public location and do not go alone. You don’t know who is on the other side of the transaction.
  • A lot of shopping is now done online. To prevent parcel theft consider having a request for a signature for your packages so they’re not left unattended at your door.  You can often schedule a delivery time or request an alternate destination if you’re not going to be home. 
  • At home keep any ladders, used for putting lights up, away from the home so criminals can’t use them to climb up to your windows. If you’re going to be away use timers for your lights and make sure you lock your doors and windows before you leave.
  • Remember it’s a good idea to display the tree and not the gifts. Wait until Christmas Eve to put out the gifts as it might be eye candy for a thief. 

We wish you, and your family, best wishes for a wonderful holiday and a Happy New Year!

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