Saanich Police Department Launches New Five-Year Strategic Plan

The Saanich Police Department has launched it’s 2018-2022 strategic plan. The plan outlines 13 new key strategic priorities that will guide the department as it works to bring innovative solutions to complex policing challenges.

“The policing environment is constantly changing and it’s important for our department to be able to adapt to address issues of growing concern,” said Saanich Police Chief Constable Bob Downie. “Issues such as the opioid crisis require an ongoing commitment to working collaboratively with our community partners, while areas of crime such as gender-based violence and online fraud or harassment require specialized skill sets.”

“Our new strategic plan ensures that our staff remain prepared to respond to these kinds of challenges and that our organization demonstrates transparency and accountability in how resources are used and efficiencies are achieved.”

In addition to a review of the last strategic plan and internal consultations with staff, the department undertook a comprehensive community consultation process with people who live, work or spend time in Saanich to determine their policing priorities. Over 1,800 people participated in the consultations through online surveys, surveys conducted at community events, and in-person focus groups.

“This community consultation process emphasizes the commitment of the department to keeping Saanich citizens at the heart of their work,” said Saanich Mayor and Police Board Chair Richard Atwell.

“The Police Board is confident that the plan will help the department navigate the financial and operational challenges of policing while remaining committed to effective management and ongoing engagement with the public.”

The plan can be viewed here. Videos outlining each key strategic priority can also be viewed here.

Sgt. Jereme Leslie 

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