Specialized Training Workshop

February 13, 2018


Saanich, BC – The Regional Domestic Violence Unit, the University of Victoria and the BC Post-Secondary Counsellors Association in collaboration with the Provincial Office of Domestic Violence are hosting a two-day workshop (February 13-14, 2018) with Dr. Lori Haskell.

Dr. Lori Haskell is a clinical psychologist whose clinical interests include trauma, re-victimization, sexual abuse and sexual violence in relation to psychological development. She has a status appointment as an assistant professor in psychiatry at the University of Toronto and is an academic research associate with the Centre for Research on Violence Against Women and Children.

Dr. Haskell’s research work has focused on victimization and its effects, violence prevention, and trauma and psychological development. She has educated judges, crown attorneys, police officers, psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, nurses, service providers and community groups on these issues. Dr. Haskell has also provided expert evidence in a number of legal proceedings.

During the workshop a number of police officers from area departments, crown counsel, psychologists, social workers and other professionals will come together to learn and understand more about trauma informed approaches to working with survivors and those impacted by domestic and sexualized violence.

The Regional Domestic Violence Unit is comprised of officers from the RCMP, Victoria Police and Saanich Police. Their purpose is to increase victim safety and offender responsibility by providing a cross jurisdictional response that is uniform in approach in domestic violence cases across the Capital Regional District. Also on the team are Victoria Women’s Transition House victim services workers, and Ministry of Children and Family Development workers.

Sgt. Jereme Leslie
Saanich Police Department

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