Multiple People Associated To Regina Park Encampment Arrested

Saanich, BC – Over the last several weeks Saanich Police have received information regarding a large amount of thefts at businesses in the area near the Regina Park Encampment.  In order to assist local businesses, and prevent crime from occurring, Saanich Police have continued with an enhanced presence in the area. 

Between July 11 and July 12, 2018 Saanich Police took an even more proactive approach and assigned plain clothes officers to these local businesses. Over this two day period the Saanich Police Street Crime Unit arrested nine people for shoplifting. Of the nine people arrested eight are known to be from the Regina Park Encampment. During one arrest officers even located the District of Saanich’s Notice of Eviction on a suspect.

Items stolen over this two day period include electronics, clothing, chocolate bars, sunglasses, and batteries, most of the items have been recovered.  In addition to the theft arrests people were also arrested for breaching their conditions, mischief, resisting arrest and one person had a warrant. 

“We understand that some people, and businesses, are still not contacting police about criminal activity or suspicious activity” said Sgt. Jereme Leslie.  “This could be for a variety of reasons however one thing that we’re hearing repeatedly is that they don’t want to bother the police, or what can the police do about it anyway. We want people to know that we’re here to keep them safe, prevent crime from happening and solve crime. If we don’t know about issues that are happening then it’s difficult to allocate our officers appropriately.”

The Saanich Police will continue with these strategies in addition to their regular patrol and focused enforcement duties in and around the Regina Park Encampment.  We also continue to encourage businesses and homeowners around the area of the Regina Park Encampment to contact them about suspicious behaviour and criminal activity. If you see a crime in progress please call 9-1-1. 

Sgt. Jereme Leslie #228

Multiple SPD Files Referenced 


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