Tribute to Sgt. Mike Lawless

Sgt. Mike Lawless served with the Saanich Police from September 1995 to January 2015 when he lost his battle with cancer.  Mike was a great man whose passion for life and for helping others was infectious.  In 2004, Mike rode in the Cops for Cancer Tour de Rock and then transferred over to a support crew member in 2005.  He served as the road boss for the Tour de Rock team for many years until cancer forced him to step back from this role in 2013.  Despite his absence from the Tour for several years now, Mike continues to be fondly remembered and honoured by communities along the route.

In remembrance of Mike’s enthusiastic cheerleading and relentless support for the Tour de Rock and all children impacted by cancer, a mural, along with Mike’s 2004 Tour bike (generously donated by retired Sgt. Paul Lamoureux and Oak Bay Police Cst. Sheri Lucas), have been installed in the foyer of the Saanich Police Department.  A plaque below the mural expresses how Mike lived “It’s not what we have in life, but who we have in our life that matters”.

Sgt. Julie Fast #5

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