John Deere

Joyride of a Different Kind

At a top speed of 7km/hr, the John Deere ride-on lawnmower wouldn’t have been a fast ride for the person who stole it from the Gordon Head Baseball shed at Lambrick Park and drove it to the school yard at Torquay Elementary, where they did donuts in the grass and struck two goal posts. The mower was stolen sometime after the work day on July 9th and was found at the school by district staff early in the morning on July 10th. There was some minor damage to the mower but it was able to be driven, under police escort, back to Lambrick Park and its rightful owner.

John Deere  

Despite the humour behind this release, the person or persons who stole the mower (valued at about $3000) committed both the crimes of theft and mischief. We are committed to solving this crime and are asking if anyone has information on this, to give us a call at 250-475-4321, or to remain anonymous call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.


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