Vehicle into house 2

Vehicle Crashes into House

Saanich Police responded to a single vehicle crash in the 5400 block of Fowler Road on July 9th. The call came from a homeowner who said that a car had just crashed into their front sunroom/living room. When police arrived at just after 10pm, they found a grey Nisaan Altima halfway into the house, with a 58 year female driver nearby.

“It is very fortunate that the family living in the house were in other areas of the home when the car hit and that no one, including the driver, was injured” said Sgt. Julie Fast, Public Information Officer for Saanich Police.

The driver of the vehicle was arrested at the scene for failing to provide a breath sample. She was also issued a 90 day driving prohibition and her vehicle was impounded for 24 hours.

With summer CounterAttack in full swing, this is a very good reminder of why police and ICBC continue to target impaired drivers. With so many options for getting home safely, such as calling a friend or taxi or taking transit, there is no excuse for driving impaired.


Vehicle into house 2Vehicle into house

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