Scam Alert

It’s not a new scam but it’s a good example of how convincing and brazen scammers can be. It started with a woman receiving a call from what appeared to be her husband’s cell phone number. When she answered it, the man on the phone said he was a police officer and that he had the woman’s husband under arrest. He told the woman that in order for her husband to be released, the police officer needed a copy of his driver’s license and passport, and that a $15,000 surety was to be wired through her bank.

As the woman was texting a picture of her husband’s documents to the alleged police officer, her husband walked into the house. Thankfully she had not sent any money and immediately contacted police (the real police), ICBC and Passport Canada.

If you find yourself faced with a similar call, remember to be cautious and curious. If the person says they are a police officer, ask for their full name and badge number. Then tell them that you will call them back at the police department so that you can confirm their identity, and then hang up. A real police officer won’t be offended by this. And remember, a government agency will never ask you to wire money to them, including the police.

For more information on scams, check out the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre’s website at:


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