Officer Injured During Call for Service – File 19-24464

On October 1, 2019, at 1400 hours, a concerned resident called Saanich Police to report there was an extremely intoxicated male yelling at people at Gyro Park.
The first police officer on scene began to communicate with the male; however he became confrontational and unexpectedly punched the officer. The officer was required to call for further officers to assist. During that time, the officer was assaulted again by the male (kicked) and threatened.
Various officers arrived (including the Oak Bay Police) and took the male into custody. The Saanich officer was injured during the incident and will miss subsequent shifts as per the doctor’s orders.
“This call is a reminder of the unpredictability our officers face in policing. We will ensure our member receives the appropriate resources for his recovery,” stated D/Sgt. Kowalewich.
A 35 year old Saanich man was held in custody to appear before a Judge. He has been charged with Assaulting a Peace Officer and Uttering Threats and is scheduled to appear in court today.
D/Sgt. Damian Kowalewich
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