Hit and Run/Weapons Incident – Gorge Rd W. File 19-26987

On October 29, at approxiamtely 730am, members of the Saanich Police responded to a report of a criminal hit and run, where a firearm was observed. 

The complainant, who resides in the 600 block of Gorge Rd West provided police with information the led to this incident. The complainant observed a suspicous male on his property, and followed the male out towards the street. He then observed a second male standing out front.  Both males walked on foot towards the intersection of Gorge Rd and Dysart, where the joined a third male in a red Ford F150 pickup. The complainant, who was on his E Bicycle, attempted to intervene and the suspect vehicle initiated a U-Turn to go back towards VIctoria.

In the process, the truck stuck the victim on his E Bicycle crushing the bike under the truck. The complainant was knocked off the bike and sustained minor injuries. The suspects were observed removing wood from the rear of the truck to lift the F150 free of the E Bicycle. The suspects then fled the scene.  A confrontatoin ensued, where a handgun was produced. Police have determiend this to be a pellet gun, but the manner in which it was produced is still under investigation.

The complainant had the gun in his possession upon police arrival.  BC Hydro were required, as the truck struck a hydro box knocking it off the concrete base. Concern for possible ground gradient was present and BC Hydro were required to de-energize the electrical box.  EHS, Saanich Fire, and BC Hydro also responded to assist.Police are currently interviewing the victim and are seeking any other potential witnesses who may have observed the collision and interaction, or the males prior to the incident taking place.

Det. Staff Sergeant Chris Horsley #50

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