Reminder About Recreation Sites Closures in Saanich

The Saanich Police would like to remind everyone that COVID-19 is serious, it affects people of all ages, and it is a global pandemic.

We were very concerned to see people gathering at parks in Saanich over the week-end, as they disregarded the posted signs indicating they were closed. We can and must do better.

There is growing concern that young people can suffer serious health impacts if they contract the virus, not to mention the devastating impacts associated to the spread of the virus from them to others who may be more at-risk.

We are following the direction and orders of the Provincial Health Officer and are reminding everyone of the following:

  1. Social Distancing must be followed, as it is proven to be one of the most effective ways to reduce the spread of illness during an outbreak.

  2. Currently, ALL playgrounds in Saanich are CLOSED and people are reminded to avoid them. They are not safe places for you or your families to gather at.

  3. In addition, all outdoor facilities such as lacrosse boxes, tennis courts, basket and sports courts are also now closed.

We all need to do our part to get through this together. These measures may seem inconvenient, however they are temporary and will remain in place until further direction is provided.

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