Use a Cell Phone at Your Peril

Yesterday, Saanich Police Traffic Safety Unit officers did intersection enforcement at Saanich road and Blanshard street. The number one violation noted- cell phone use! A total of 23 tickets were issued.

Saanich Police TSU members did intersection enforcement yesterday from 1-3pm at the intersection at Saanich road and Blanshard street. A uniformed officer stood at the corner and watched traffic for infractions.

The most common offences were people not wearing their seatbelts and drivers using a cell phone. Some drivers were ticketed for both using a cell phone and not wearing a seat belt! Other infractions were for yielding or light violations.

“Many other offences were seen but all our officers were busy issuing tickets at the time,” said Staff Sergeant Terry Parker NCO in charge of the TSU.  

The fine for driving and using a cell phone is $167.00 as is the fine for not wearing a seat belt.

The Traffic Safety Unit plans to increase focus this coming month on cell phone use while driving.



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