The 911 emergency number

For urgent assistance call 911

The 911 emergency number often becomes a person’s lifeline and should be used to report:

  •  a crime that is in progress or about to occur,
  •  any situation where serious injury has or is about to occur,
  •  any suspicious activity in progress,
  •  any situation where an ambulance or firefighting apparatus is required.


To report a non-emergency crime

To report a non-emergency crime that has occurred in Saanich, call 250-475-4321 or report in person at 760 Vernon Ave.  We are always open.  Someone should use the non-emergency number when:

  • reporting a crime where there is no suspect,
  • reporting a crime where there is a suspect, but the suspect is no longer on scene,
  • reporting a serious crime with a suspect, but with a lengthy time delay (e.g. assault that occurred several hours ago or occurred last night at a party or bar),
  • non-emergency crimes in-progress (e.g. noisy house party, barking dogs).
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