More cougar sightings

Saanich Police received another two reports of cougar sightings overnight.

On January 4th,  at 11:36 pm a member of the public waiting for a bus in the Quadra St. and McKenzie Ave. area reported that a cougar emerged from nearby bushes and proceeded to travel north along Quadra St. Saanich Police patrol units responded to the area but were not able to locate the animal.

A short while later, at about 12:20am, a motorist reported seeing a cougar in the area of McKenzie Ave. and Blenkinsop Rd. It was reported travelling south-bound along Blenkinsop Rd. Once again, patrol units responded to the area but were unable to locate the cat.

These sightings follow on the heels of two sightings from the previous evening in the 800 block of Seamist Pl. and in the area north-east of the TransCanada Highway between Harriet Rd. and Tillicum Rd.

Police are requesting that the public maintain a heightened awareness in these areas and be mindful of the potential danger associated with these animals. Increased vigilance with repect to protecting small children and pets is suggested.


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