Grow house forfeited to the Province

A marihuana grow-house uncovered in 2006 has been forfeited to the Province.

On Dec. 6th, 2006, a search warrant was executed by the Saanich Police Street Crime Unit at a residence suspected of having a marihuana grow-op in the 900 block of Karen Crescent in Saanich.

Inside the single family residence, investigators found that the entire lower portion of the residence was a grow operation. Some modifications had also been made to facilitate the marihuana production. A total of 366 marihuana plants, from clones to fully mature plants, were discovered along with a pound of dried marihuana.

Charges were prepared for the two occupants, a male and female. They included theft of electricity, production of a controlled substance and possession for the purpose of trafficking.

In July 2008, after a ‘not guilty’ finding, the matter was referred to the BC Civil Forfeiture Office for review. A preservation order was obtained to prevent the sale or transfer of the residence while it was reviewed for forfeiture.

Recently, the home was sold with 70% of the net equity being forfeited to the Province of B.C. This represents more than $75,000, which will assist in funding crime prevention efforts all across B.C.

“It’s very encouraging to see police agencies like Saanich continuing to use civil forfeiture to help deter large-scale, illegal drug production and in turn make their communities safer – for local families, first responders, bylaw officers and others,” said Shirley Bond, Minister of Public Safety, Solicitor General and Attorney General of B.C.

If you suspect a marihuana grow-op in your neighbourhood, please contact your local police or Crimestoppers. Some of clues to a grow-op may be unusual odours, strange activity or no activity at all, blacked out windows or excessive condensation.


Childs room where the hydro was being diverted right over the bed!




Main grow room.





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