Pay attention to the road or trail…

Sunday morning, two officers rendered assistance to a fallen cyclist.

On Sunday, Feb. 12th, at about 11am, two Traffic Safety Unit officers were conducting enforcement in the 100 block of the Trans Canada Highway. Where they were positioned was a short distance from where the Goose Trail crosses Culduthel street.

While they were conducting traffic enforcement, officers observed a cyclist on the Goose Trail who was momentarily distracted when he looked at them. The cyclist then drove full speed into a metal post on the trail and was thrown from his bike head first into the post.

The cyclist sustained significant facial injuries. Officers immediately rendered first aid applying bandages to the face of the cyclist. Despite wishes to the contrary on the part of the cyclist, the BCAS arrived on-scene and transported him to hospital.

The cyclist is a 38 year old Saanich resident.

The opinion of officers at the scene was that greater injury was saved by his helmet which was split open.


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