Saanich Police introduce a fully electric vehicle

Saanich Police introduce a fully electric 2012 Mitsubishi Miev.

Saanich Police have deployed a fully electric Mitsubishi Miev into the fleet. This vehicle will be used for the daily run to the court registry and Crown Counsel offices by members of the Court Liaison section.

The vehicle can travel up to 155km on a single charge with a top speed of 130kmh. A permanent charging station has been built at police headquarters for the car.

The cost to run the vehicle is 1/10th that of a regular gas powered vehicle. Not only are savings realized on the fuel, there are no oil changes and other maintenance issues associated to a combustion engine. Regular maintenance includes largely just brakes and tires.

The Municipality of Saanich has had an electric vehicle since Jan. 2011. The Planning Department has been working on an electric vehicle strategy for 2012 to prepare the municipality for the integration of electric vehicles.

The Saanich Carbon Fund contributed to the purchase of this vehicle with $10,000.00. This fund, the first fund of its kind for a municipality, sees municipal departments divert funds into offsets for their greenhouse gas production. The municipality is leading by example to reduce the carbon footprint in Saanich.

To read more about what Saanich is doing, click the following link.


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