Traffic Safety Unit officer struck by a vehicle

Yesterday afternoon an officer was struck by a motorist she was trying to pull over.

Monday afternoon, at about 5:15pm, a Traffic Safety Unit officer was monitoring traffic on foot at McKenzie ave and Borden street. She was watching for motorists turning contrary to the posted sign at McKenzie ave and Cedar Hill Cross road.

The officer spotted a red 1980 Plymouth Volare make the turn contrary to the sign. When she stepped out into the lined up traffic to flag the car over, the driver kept driving and side swiped the officer’s leg. She then struck the hood of the car twice in an attempt to gain the driver’s attention, but he continued west bound on McKenzie ave.

The elderly male driver was stopped a distance away by a patrol officer. He was issued a ticket for:

• Disobeying a traffic sign- $121

• Fail to stop for police- $138

The driver admitted to hitting a ‘traffic cone’ or something like that, but did not see any police officer. The driver has been referred for a licensing review by ICBC.

Luckily, the 8 year officer, who was wearing a bright orange safety vest, escaped any injury.


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