House party gone bad

On Friday, May 4th, a teenage resident of a home in Broadmead decided to have a party while her parents were away. The Saanich Police were called by the residents as things became unruly.

Upon the arrival of patrol officers, they found 70 or more kids inside the residence. Cars were parked all over the neighbourhood and a crowd was gathering outside. Investigators determined that many people were not invited but had found out about the party as it bounced around various social media networks.

On May 12th, when the parents returned, it was found that a locked cabinet in the master bedroom had been entered. Inside was a significant sized home safe. Inside the safe was thousands of dollars in cash, some personal checks, and a coin collection.

Saanich Police were called to the home once again. Given the value of the loss, it was referred to Detectives for investigation.

Yesterday, the homeowner noticed that a screen had been removed from the upstairs bathroom window. Upon looking out the window, the safe was seen outside on a portion of the home’s roof.

Luckily, the safe had not been compromised, but attempts had been made to force it open.

Ways to prevent something like this from happening as we enter the grad party season:

• Discuss with your teens what is appropriate for the home

• Discuss the issues surrounding social media and advertising a party

• If you leave teens at home, ensure adequate supervision for your home


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