Bus driver assaulted

Friday night 9:20pm, the Saanich Police Communications Center was contacted initial call of an intoxicated female on a bus at the Royal Oak bus exchange.

Three males seen to try and assist a 15 year old female off of the bus who was obviously in no way capable of caring for herself. Out of concern for the youth, the bus driver contacted the Saanich Police.

Two officers were sent into the area. While enroute, Dispatchers could then hear what they felt were sounds of a struggle over the open line. Words like: “Get off me!”, could be heard.

Then a second caller, someone who was also on the bus, contacted the Saanich Police and stated that the bus driver was fighting with a youth. Officers stepped up their response to the scene and arrived to find one male being restrained by the driver.

When officers interviewed the driver and witnesses, it turned out that the driver was assaulted when he stated that he was calling the police. Two young males proceeded to assault the driver, a 55 year old male, causing some minor injuries in the facial area.

Two youths were arrested at the scene and released to guardians, one an 18 year old male Saanich resident and the second a 17 year old Victoria resident.

The driver was treated for minor abrasions to the facial area. The youths face an upcoming court appearance for Assault Causing Bodily harm.


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