Christmas Counterattack in full swing

Saanich Police deployed the first weekend of road blocks this past weekend. Officers were out in force on Friday night and Saturday nights till the early morning hours.

The results yielded:


  • 4- 24hour suspensions as a result of marihuana consumption
  • 3- 3day Immediate Roadside Suspensions for alcohol
  • 1- 90day Immediate Roadside Suspension for alcohol


There were two drivers arrested for impaired driving as well. One tried to avoid a roadblock and the second was a collision with a parked vehicle on Cedar Hill X road.

“There were many spouses and parents dressed in pyjamas who had taken the time to go pick up their loved ones. It was great to see,” says Sgt. Dean Jantzen. Many drivers indicated that this was not the first roadblock they had seen that evening, which shows it is difficult to navigate the CRD without hitting a roadblock somewhere.

Saanich officers, along with officers around the region, will be out on the streets throughout the entire Christmas season looking for drivers that have been drinking. Call a friend, take a cab, and consider transit all of which are better options than driving when you shouldn’t.


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