Watchful Area Resident Provides Key Information To Solve Daytime B&E

Information from a independent witness has assisted police in solving a daytime break and enter that took place on Wednesday, June 5th, 2013.

At approximately 3:41 pm, and area resident observed a group of indivuduals acting in a suspicious manner in the 3900 block of Quadra Street.  The witness observed a female and three men carrying a number of objects, including what appeared to be electronics and liquor.  The group was seen ducking behind a car and looking around, and not acting in a “normal” way.

The witness was able to provide detailed descriptions of the persons of interest, and was also able to provide a description and license plate of a vehicle that was used by group.

Investigators attended to the area but were unable to locate the vehicle or any of the people involved.  The source of the items could not be located.

Approximately two hours later, a resident from the 1100 block of Reynolds Road returned to their residence to find that it had been unlawfully entered and a number of items stolen. The description of the stolen items matched those that had been obsevred by the alert witness earlier in the day.

VICPD was requested to attend to the address of the registered owner to determine in the car had returned to the registered owner’s address.  Members of VICPD located a male at the vehicle and detained the male until the arrival of Saanich Police officers.

It was later determined that VICPD officers had previously checked the vehicle in the area of Johnston Street and Quadra Street, and had identified three occupants associated to the suspect vehicle.  During the check of these individuals, VICPD members located a number of items of interest.  None of the three individuals claimed knowledge or ownership of the items and they were subsequently seized.

As a direct result of the information provided by the witness, and the timely check of the vehicle by VICPD, it is anticipated that charges of Break and Enter

and Commit Theft and Possession of Stolen Property charges will be sought against a 27 year old female and resident of Sooke, as well as a 25 year old male and resident of the Malahat area.


Sgt. Steve Eassie #158

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