Death Investigation Update

Saanich Police Forensic Investigators left this morning for Vancouver with the deceased. The forensic autopsy is to take place in Vancouver at Royal Columbian Hospital. Present for the autopsy is a Saanich Police investigator and a Forensic Technician.

A portion of Cuthbert Holmes Park/Colquitz River Park is still being secured by Saanich Police personnel. It is likely to remain this way into the evening.

As of today, two Major Crimes Unit Detectives from the Victoria Police have been assigned to the investigation. The Saanich Police welcome their assistance and contribution of resources to this investigation.

As of late in the day today, the autopsy has not been concluded. The cause of death is yet to be determined.

Formal identification of the deceased has been made by way of fingerprints. Notification has been made to local family members. The family has requested privacy and time to make notifications to other extended family across the country.

Given the absence of a cause of death and the number of unanswered questions in this investigation, it is still premature to provide specific cautions to the public. The Saanich Police suggest that caution and good common sense with regard to personal safety be exercised until further notice.

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