Break and enter trends noted

There have been 8 break-ins in the Saanich west area since April 1st. Here are some of the highlights:

April 15th- 200 block Crease ave: a home was entered over the dinner hour. No signs of forced entry. It is suspected that the culprits entered a second floor patio sliding door.

April 22nd- 900 block of Edge place: while occupants were sleeping, a lower floor sliding glass door was opened between approximately 1-3am.

April 25th- 300 block of Vincent ave: appears to be an interrupted daytime break-in. The point of entry was a rear door, where the window had been broken and the handle accessed.

April 27th- 500 block of Crossandra cr: lower basement window was entered sometime the day prior.

Some crime trends that have been observed by the Saanich Police Crime Analyst are:

• Several break-ins targeted rear sliding glass doors

• Several targeted lower floor windows

• Items taken were often visible from the exterior in several instances

• There is consistency in the items taken: laptops, Ipods, small electronics

These incidents are a good reminder that you should review your household security. Some suggestions are to have a look at your door/window locks, your exterior lighting and to minimize the visibility of expensive items from the exterior of your residence. As the seasons change you are also reminded to keep your windows and doors closed and locked day or night despite the warm weather.

For further information contact the Saanich Police Crime Prevention office.


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