Busy end of week for Saanich Police

Saanich Police were busy attending a number of notable incidents August 16 & 17, 2012:


At 3 p.m. Thursday afternoon (August 16th) a 30 year old Saanich woman was arrested for shoplifting at Wal-Mart then fighting with and biting the loss prevention officer on her arm. The woman had her 18 month old son with her in a stroller at the time. She is being charged with theft and assault. Police notified child protection officials with MCFD about the incident. The 26 year old loss prevention officer had a bite mark on her forearm but she was not seriously hurt. 12-16694


Also Thursday afternoon police were called about a family’s cleaning lady who had just driven away from the home and several thousand dollars in cash was gone. The homeowner was following the cleaner in his car. Police intervened and recovered all of the money. The 34 year old Victoria woman is being charged with theft. She is already facing charges from late June for stealing from her former job at a fast food restaurant. The woman has a criminal record for personation and forgery. Police remind homeowners to be diligent in hiring cleaning help and to deal with reputable companies or individuals who have undergone criminal record checks. 12-16680


And later yet on Thursday… A 30 year old homeless man well-known to Saanich Police was arrested at 8 p.m. by officers who were just arriving for a coffee break at Saanich Centre. The man drove up on a stolen Honda Ruckus Motorscooter and he parked in a no parking zone. Police knew that he had a number of bail conditions for recent graffiti charges and was not allowed to be at Saanich Centre – or to possess markers suitable for graffiti tagging. He was found to be in breach of both conditions, and  is facing several new breach charges – along with a charge for possessing the Honda gas scooter, which was stolen two weeks ago from the Fernwood area. 12-16706


And finally:

Shortly after midnight Friday morning (August 17), a 27 year old drunk Saanich man was arrested for theft and assault at a local convenience store on Burnside Road West. An employee had confronted the man for stealing several items from store shelves. The drunk man then grabbed a hot dog which was being purchased by a customer. He took a bite of the hot dog, threw the rest of it at the employee and followed up by throwing a bag of candy at the employee before he left. He was held until sober and will appear in court at a later date. 12-16733


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