Reminder to dog owners about access to some parks and beaches

As the warmer weather falls upon us the Saanich Pound are reminding dog owners of the restrictions that are in place which prohibit dogs from the following parks and beaches from May – August, inclusive:

Cadboro Bay – Gyro Park and the public beach at Cadboro Bay lying between the easterly boundary of Gyro Park and the boundary of the Municipality of Oak Bay, EXCEPT before 9:00 a.m. on any day;

Whitehead Park;

Cordova Bay Beach area lying between the northerly boundary of Cordova Bay Park and the southerly boundary of the Walema Avenue right-of-way; EXCEPT before 9:00 a.m. on any day;

Mount Douglas Park Beach and that part of Mount Douglas Park bounded by Cordova Bay Road, Ash Road, Douglas Creek, the natural boundary of the ocean and the northwesterly boundary of the park, EXCEPT the asphalt road surface lying to the northwest of the picnic area between the two gates.

Dogs are also prohibited from any fenced baseball field during the months of March to October, inclusive.

Dog owners are also reminded of the year round leash restrictions on the perimeter trail at Cedar Hill golf course, Rithet’s Bog, and please don’t forget all public school grounds.

Dogs and their owners have excellent access to green space in the Municipality of Saanich.  There are over 160 parks in Saanich and only 4 prohibit dogs during May – August, due to increased use by the public.  Two parks, Swan Lake and Quick’s Bottom, are prohibited to dogs all year long as they are sensitive nature sanctuaries and only two parks in Saanich, Cedar Hill golf course and Rithet’s Bog,  require dogs to be leashed at all times.

Stay safe and keep your dogs under control at all times!

If you have any questions regarding the Saanich Animals bylaw #8556, please feel free to contact the Saanich Pound at (250) 475-4321.

Pound Inspector S. Ryan #1601

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