Idris Hassan New Twist On Old Scam

This email is a variation of the nigerian fraud….people should be aware that this is a scam and we strongly advise that you do not respond to it or forward it to your contacts….treat it like any other unsolicited e-mail, phone call or snail mail. Well this e-mail appears threatening in nature we are not aware of any actual threat. If you have concerns please contact your local police department. Never respond to unsolicited e-mail. Below is a copy of one version of this scam received by the Oak Bay Police Department.

“Hello, This is Idris Hassan from Irag, i am an assasin. i was paid to carry out a job on you with immediate effect, that is to assasinate you. Your life is in my pams now, i want to make an offer to you with the short time left. If you can come up with more that what I was paid, then you will have your life back, if not i will complete my mission. You have five days to give me a positive reply ok. and meanwhile be careful on whose toes you step on. You have 5 days to come up with $25,000.00 or i complete my mission and head back, my men think am wasting time. Idris Hassan”

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