Chief Constable Downie 2017

Saanich Police – Letter from the Chief Constable (2018)

I am pleased to introduce the Saanich Police web site and invite members of the public to learn more about the ways in which the department serves the community. Our aim is to work with other agencies and citizens to reduce crime and the fear of crime in Saanich and across the region. Our mission is to work with other agencies and citizens to ensure the safety and security of our community. Whenever possible we will let people know how we intend to achieve this, how we are performing against our targets, and what the public can do to help.

Chief Constable Downie 2017

Police Departments have long recognized that reliable information and rapid communication are the key elements to greater public protection and effective law enforcement and one of the most important ways in which we can communicate with the public is through this web site. We intend to use it to open ourselves up to public scrutiny, explain how we deliver policing service and consult widely on local policing matters. Our commitment to community policing demands an ability to establish dialogue with the community in order that we may be responsive to community concerns.

Our site offers an opportunity for the public to view our organization and the various sections within it, and describes the diverse ways in which we serve the community. It outlines our community policing philosophy and contains a wealth of crime prevention information.

It provides advice on ways in which people can help us to keep themselves and their families safe by making their homes and property secure and driving a vehicle more safely; two areas that have been identified through our public surveys as important issues in the community and vital components to our strategic plan.

The web site allows the public to gain access to information on crime statistics and published Department documents such as our Strategic Plan as well as current news regarding public safety and policing within the community.

Information is available on how people can apply to become police officers or reserve constables and the latest support staff vacancies.

There are links to other police departments and our partner agencies and information on the Saanich Police Board, which is responsible for making sure that the department is performing to the highest standards.

The web site is continually updated and work is ongoing to make sure we provide information that is relevant and of interest. I hope you find your time on-line interesting and informative. I would like to welcome your views or any comments you may have on the site and invite you to ask questions of myself or any member of the Saanich Police through email or calling the office of the Chief Constable at 250-475-4321.

Bob Downie, Chief Constable

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