Aggressive Deer Chases Cars and People!

An aggressive doe charged cars and a dog walker on Tuesday on San Pedro ave in Saanich.

Two similar reports in the same vicinity have been received by the Saanich Police. On one occasion, an animal control officer was present and witnessed the aggressive behaviour.

The doe was seen by the animal control officer to be standing in the middle of the road challenging pedestrians and cars. She charged at people aggressively and stopped just short of making contact. One dog walker had to pick up his small dog and run with the doe in hot pursuit.

People are advised to give deer a significant distance whether you see a fawn or not.  Often a fawn is safely hidden nearby in grass or brush by it’s mother.

While we enjoy the presence of the wildlife in our community, these are still wild creatures. They are large animals that possess much strength and can cause severe injury to people and small animals.

Please exercise caution when there is wildlife present in your neighbourhood and if you have concerns contact the Saanich Police.

A violent encounter captured on video of a deer attacking a dog in Cranbrook, clearly indicates the dangers involved in such wildlife encounters.


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