Canada Day Deployment

Saanich Police are increasing the usual number of officers available for Friday night July 1st.

The usual number of patrol officers available has been tripled for Friday night. We are hoping for a quiet, safe, enjoyable Canada Day celebration, but are prepared for any problems.

Additional officers have been called out to augment the Integrated Road Safety Unit. These officers will support the road blocks going on throughout the region.

Saanich Police are also contributing 8 officers and 9 reserve officers to the downtown core area in support of the Victoria Police.

Throughout the evening, Saanich officers are going to focus on some of the following:

  • Monitoring liquor sales outlets for any unlawful purchases or problems
  • Conducting road blocks both early in the evening and later when the festivities end
  • We will be coordinating with BC Transit to try and intercept drunken riders before they get to the downtown area

“We want everybody in our community to have a good time but we will not tolerate any drunken rowdy behaviour. We have many officers out for the evening and not all of them are wearing a uniform,” says Sgt. Dean Jantzen.

Don’t be that person caught with open liquor and get a fine up to $230!


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