Theft Suspect Fights With Officer

A fleeing theft suspect was encountered in the 600 block of Baxter avenue. He fought with the arresting officer and had to be taken to hospital.

Just after 8pm last evening, a theft in progress was reported from the Coke Plant on Vanalman avenue. A male had been seen inside a locked compound for the plant. Saanich Police Patrol and Canine officers responded to the scene.

The suspect was seen to escape the compound and flee on a bicycle along the Pat Bay highway. The suspect was located by an officer in the 600 block of Baxter avenue. He was ordered to stop and get off his bike, which he did.

The suspect then went to his hands and knees but refused to get down on the ground as instructed. The officer then pushed the male to the ground using his foot. The suspect rolled away and was thought to be trying to flee again.

The officer then engaged the suspect physically on the ground meanwhile the suspect continued to flail his arms and legs to try and escape. The officer hung on to the suspect awaiting help from other arriving officers.

It took the help of two other officers to successfully place the suspect in handcuffs. The suspect was taken to hospital with some minor injuries and was released into police custody a short time later. The officer did not sustain any injuries.

Arrested was a 39 year old male, Victoria resident, well known to local area departments.

Charges are pending including Theft and Resisting Arrest. Apparently the items being taken were some Coke products stored in the compound.


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