Impaired Driver Arrested- Already on an IRP

Saturday night an impaired driver was arrested after being refused service at a local liquor store.

At about 9:30pm, Saturday night, a driver entered a local liquor store trying to buy some more booze. He was denied service by the clerk on duty who felt he was intoxicated. The driver then left the store and was seen to get into a vehicle.

The clerk contacted the Saanich Police with the description of the vehicle, a distinct white 1985 Pontiac Fiero. A nearby Patrol officer located the vehicle at the intersection of Maddock ave and Tillicum road.

The driver was found to exhibit some signs of impairment and was returned to Saanich Police HQ to provide breath samples. Readings of more than three times the legal limit were obtained.

To add to the driver’s problems, he was found to be driving without insurance on his vehicle and was also prohibited from driving under the Motor Vehicle Act through to August 31st, 2011 as a result of an Immediate Roadside Prohibition.

The 44 year old Saanich resident, will appear in court at the end of August for charges of Impaired Driving and Prohibited Driving. He also received a violation ticket for No Insurance with a fine amount of about $600.00.

Under the provisions of the Liquor Control and Licensing Act, clerks have the right and obligation to deny service to customers that may be intoxicated.


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