Noisy Muffler Leads to Stolen Plates and an Impaired!

At about 11pm on July 23rd, a Traffic Safety Unit officer spotted a vehicle with a loud muffler. When he queried the plates, they were found to have been reported stolen!

The vehicle was stopped on Vernon avenue and the driver was arrested for possession of stolen property. While talking to the officer it was found that he smelled like alcohol.

The officer then administered the roadside screening device which resulted in a ‘fail’ reading. This led to a 90 day Immediate Roadside Prohibition being issued by the officer. His noisy 1993 Volkswagen Golf was also impounded pursuant to the Motor Vehicle Act.

Arrested was a 36 year old male, a resident of Langford. Upon checking his driving history, it was also found that he has had no license since 2006!

Charges being considered include Possession of Stolen Property.


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