Cougar Sightings

On Friday, September 23 at approximately 10:00 AM and again on Saturday, September 24 at approximately 10:45 PM there have been reports of a cougar in the Brydon Park area in Saanich.

The first contact was on a trail leading from Brydon Park, west toward Mann Avenue. The cat was seen to be watching some pedestrians.

The second contact involved a pedestrian on the same trail. The person reported hearing a large cat snarling, but it was not seen.

In both cases, police attended the area and made extensive foot patrols without locating the animal.

The Conservation Service has been notified of these incidents. Their web page offers great information about human and cougar interaction. Below is the web address, just copy and paste it into your browser:

Residents in the area are reminded to take care when walking through the area. Keep small children and pets close.

11-20563 \11-20736

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