Tow operator nabs impaired driver

Saturday, a tow truck operator called police about a car in a ditch. Turns out the driver put there as he was drunk.

Saturday afternoon, Nov. 19th, a local tow company driver was summoned to the 4000 block of Locarno lane, in Saanich for a car in the ditch. Not that unusual for a tow truck driver.

Upon arriving, the operator was met with a 2006 Chevy in the ditch just a block from the driver’s home. The car was pulled out and made it home. During the process, the tow operator felt the driver may have been drinking and contacted police.

A patrol supervisor arrived on scene to the driver in his vehicle in the driveway of his home with the car idling. When interviewed by the officer, the driver was found to smell like liquor and was unable to stand very well without assistance.

The driver, a 27 year old Saanich resident, was arrested and returned to police headquarters to provide breath samples. Those samples revealed a blood alcohol of three times the legal limit.

The Saanich Police would like to thank this tow operator for becoming involved and contacting police. The public are encouraged if they see what they think is an impaired driver to contact their local police.


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