You can’t take that…

Early Sunday morning, two males were arrested for theft from autos in the Lansdowne area.

At around 4am Sunday morning, Nov. 20th, two males with flashlights were seen by an area resident in the 1800 block of Newton st. While she watched them, the two males were seen to enter unlocked vehicles and she contacted the Saanich Police.

Upon arriving, one of the males was observed by a patrol officer leaning into a truck stealing items. He was promptly arrested. Then a second male, just meters away was arrested by a second officer.

Upon searching the two males, many small items typical of theft from autos, was recovered. That included small electronics, change, mail and other personal items. Officers began a canvass of the neighbours and returned most of the items immediately.

Arrested were a 39 year old Saanich resident, who resides nearby and a 32 year old of no fixed address.

“You can’t take that, that’s mine,” was the response of one of the suspects when all the items in his possession were seized, typical in cases like this. The irony found in that statement was pointed out to the suspect by the investigating officer.


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