Cats gone wild

An unwanted cat in a yard attacked a Great Pyranese dog and the dog’s owner.

In the afternoon of Nov. 4th, 2011, the Saanich Pound was contacted regarding bylaws about felines in the community.

Apparently an unwanted cat had been in the backyard of a woman in the 3900 block of Anton street. Being the owner of a Great Pyranese dog, she set about putting the dog into the yard with hopes of scaring the cat away.

The dog, a large breed of up to 100lbs, did what comes naturally and ran for the cat. Unfortunately for the much larger dog, the cat chose to fight back and scratched the dogs face.

The owner then went to assist her dog and the cat then turned on her causing minor scratches to her arms. The cat then left, and as of yet, has not been identified.

The public is encouraged to not approach unwanted animals in this manner. If you have problems with animals on your property you are encouraged to contact the Pound at 250-475-4321.


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