Driving 5kmh attracts attention

Driving 5kmh leads to a driver being arrested for impaired.

At about 8pm on Friday evening, January 24th, the driving behaviour of a white Pontiac Grand Am, attracted the attention of witnesses who contacted the Victoria Police. Unable to locate the vehicle, the plate was shared with departments regionally.

Then just after 10pm, a 911 caller reported concerning driving behaviour to Saanich Police. Apparently the same car was honking and all over the road almost striking the curb.

When a Traffic Safety Unit officer caught up to the vehicle, it was found driving 5km per hour in the 4000 block of Quadra street.

The driver appeared intoxicated to officers, especially when her head appeared to fall forward like she was falling asleep. The driver provided breath samples which revealed almost 2 ½ times the legal limit!

The driver is a 27 year old Saanich resident. Suggested charges include

• Impaired Operation of a Vehicle, and

• Operation of a vehicle with Over 80mg of Alcohol.

Apparently she may have been the designated driver for some friends earlier in the evening…..


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