Dangerous stunting leads to impoundment

Yesterday morning, a vehicle doing a burnout in the Tillicum mall lot was seen by bike officers.

At about 9:15 yesterday morning, two Saanich Police bike squad officers were patrolling in the area of the Tillicum mall. Their attention was drawn to a vehicle whose engine was racing near the Old Navy store in the top parking lot.

As they watched the car it began to do a burnout which then turned into the car doing donuts in the parking lot. According to the officers so much smoke was generated the car was lost to view.

The large amount of smoke was also helpful to officers in making their approach to the car unseen.

When the two occupants were contacted they were found to be Canadian Forces members in uniform. They had apparently borrowed a friend’s car to make a coffee run.

Given the dangerous conduct on the part of the driver in an area where there were other parked cars and pedestrians, the vehicle was impounded. The driver was also ticketed for driving without consideration with a $196.00 penalty.

The Military Police were contacted and arrived at the scene to escort their members back to the base.


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