Officer finds numerous weapons

Two males were seen by an area resident drinking on the St. Patricks school grounds. That was just the beginning….

At about 11:20pm last night, an area resident suspected two males were drinking alcohol on the St. Patricks school grounds. He contacted the Saanich Police and an officer was sent to the area.

Upon seeing the officer, both males began to walk away. They were called back and contacted. They had been drinking beer and smelled of smoked marihuana. Both were detained and identified by the officer.

A search was then conducted of a 20 year old male from Vancouver. To the officer’s amazement she recovered make shift handcuffs made from plastic ties, 5.5″ throwing knife, box cutting knife and a 12.5″ kitchen knife clipped inside his jeans. But that wasn’t all.

The male said he had something else and the sergeant who arrived asked:

“What else do you have? Like a gun?


The sergeant then pulled out a loaded .177 calibre pellet gun from the small of the males back. When asked why he had all the weapons he stated it was “…for protection…”

A further search of a backpack revealed leather gloves, a balaclava and more pellets for the pistol.

Initially the male provided a false name to officers. When his real identity was confirmed, he was found to have an outstanding warrant for assault issued by the Victoria Police.

The 20 year old Vancouver resident was charged with:

• Carrying a concealed weapon

• Possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose

Given the seriousness of the offences, the male was held in custody to appear in Victoria Provincial Court today.


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