Off duty officer assists with a violent subject

A shoplifter fled from a security officer at the London Drugs on Quadra street.

At about 4:15pm, Saturday, April 21st, a call was received from the London Drugs store at Quadra and McKenzie. The complaint was of a violent shoplifter who had been confronted after leaving the store.

The male, a 31 year old New Westminster resident, was seen to hide boxes of allergy medication in a reusable shopping bag. He then bypassed all the cashiers and left the store.

The store security officer confronted the suspect outside the store. He was advised that he was being arrested and was asked to return to the store. Instead, he fled. He was grabbed by the security officer but managed to pull away.

The security officer gave chase and caught up to him a short distance away in the plaza. A struggle ensued between the smaller security officer and the larger suspect.

A male approached to assist and identified himself as a police officer. Cst. Mike Russell of the Victoria Police, then assisted by handcuffing the suspect who was still resisting arrest.

The male had stolen $291.88 worth of allergy medication from the pharmacy area of the store. These tablets are similar to those that may be used in a meth production lab.

The male was released on documents to attend court in June and was to report to bail supervisor the next day. He has thus far failed to appear to the Bail Supervisor.


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