Pressure washing frauds

There have been several instances of fraud and attempted fraud with similarities.

On May 13th, in Saanich, investigators found that an 88 year old male had been defrauded of up to $15000.00. It appears fraudsters used the name ‘Kevin Gordon’ and that a company name of ‘James Bay Power Washing’ was used. On this occasion, a fraudster came to the door and agreement was made to clean and seal a driveway. Some up front monies was requested which was provided. At some point, it appears that a credit and or debit card went missing and was used fraudulently.

On March 12th, in Saanich, it was found that an 85 year old woman had become the victim of a fraud. Over a three day period she was out approximately $900. The victim agreed to some power washing around her home, which was never completed. The name ‘Kevin Gordon’ comes up during this investigation as well.

Two other incidents, one in Central Saanich on May 17th and one in Oak Bay on April 5th, also had many similar characteristics.

Some of the consistencies noted by investigators include:

• The name ‘Kevin Gordon’ and the company name ‘James Bay Power Washing’

• Elderly residents were targeted, some with dementia

Some consistencies were also noted in the descriptions provided: Caucasian male, mid 30’s; tall and slender- up to 6 feet; tattoos on arms, and possibly on the neck as well.

It is suggested that if you care for an elderly member of your family to have a discussion around how to deal with solicitors at the door. If you have been a victim or know someone who has, you are encouraged to contact police.

The names in this release are those that have been provided to victims at the time of these incidents. Whether or not these names are accurate or real has not been confirmed.


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