Unrepentent prohibited driver arrested

Friday, June 29th, at about 9:30pm, Saanich Police K9 handler and his dog were on patrol near the intersection of Blanshard street and Tolmie ave. The officer checked the plate on a black Dodge Ram SUV and it was found to belong to a white Dodge Cirrus.

The officer proceeded to follow the truck and stopped it a short distance away. The driver, a 27 year old Saanich resident, was contacted and identified. When checked against PRIME records she was found to have a total of 8 driving suspensions!

Presently, she is suspended until March 2013 as a result of an impaired driving conviction in March 2012. She also has driving related offences dating back to 2007.

The driver was arrested and returned to Saanich Police headquarters. She was released with a future court appearance with charges of prohibited driving under the Criminal Code being suggested.

Further checks revealed no actual driving license and that the car she was driving was non-insured. A violation ticket for no insurance, no drivers license and driving contrary to restrictions was issued. As a result of the impaired driving conviction, the driver was also to have an ignition interlock device installed in any vehicle that she drives, which was not the case.


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