‘Shaking’ male leads to break and enter arrest

Last Thursday, July 12th, at about 7am, officers were called to the corner of Agnes and Raymond streets, in the Glanford area. The caller had observed a male lying on the ground ‘shaking’.

When officers arrived, the male got up. When interviewed by officer, he stated that he was homeless and had fallen asleep. However, the male was nervous and fidgety while speaking to police, who suspected he may have been drinking or using drugs the night prior.

When officers looked at the male’s backpack, they saw a Macbook Pro laptop hanging out of it. The male claimed it was his and that he had purchased the $1500 dollar computer for $75.

Officers fired up the computer and immediately found documents in the name of a company. Absent a suitable explanation, officers felt it was likely unreported stolen property. The male was arrested for possession of stolen property.

An officer then drove to the local address found on one of the documents and confirmed that the laptop did belong to the home business. It appears that the male entered an attached garage from an unlocked door. Forensic evidence was found at the scene to confirm there had been a break-in.

The male, a 30 year old local man of no fixed address, was arrested and charged with break and enter. He is well known to local police across the CRD.


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