Cougar sought in Prospect Lake Area

A cougar is making its presence known to the residents of the Prospect Lake area of Saanich.


Yesterday (August 28) at 7am a cougar was reported on Munns Road at the entrance to Francis King Park. Area checks at that time failed to locate the big cat.


This morning (August 29) Saanich Police responded to the 4000 block of Prospect lake Rd, not far from the previous sighting. This time, however, the cougar’s presence was not observed, but it had killed two sheep and a goat some time overnight.


Saanich Pound and BC Conservation conducted a search, but have yet to locate what is possibly the same cougar.


Valuable information with respect to cougars and safety if encountering a cougar is contained in the provincial Ministry of Environment’s Safety Guide to Cougars which is availble at:


The public is asked to stay clear of any cougar, and find a safe place to make observations while reporting to police. Children and animals should be supervised in areas where any wildlife are known to frequent.


12-17707,  12-17630

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