Tale of the dealer with no insurance

Last Saturday evening, Sept. 22nd, at about 9pm, two Patrol officers were monitoring a local problem house in the 300 block of Davida ave. In fact, while they were there, a resident approached them to tell them of the issues in the area.

While the officers were there, a black Acura was seen departing the very same residence. As the car passed the officers, it was seen to have an expired insurance decal. The officers then stopped the car a short distance away.

The officer began to question the driver and when asked, the driver stated there were ‘no drugs in the car.’ The officer then proceeded to search the vehicle. Given the car was still running and on a slight hill, the officer first went to pull on the emergency brake. That led to the immediate discovery of a large roll of cash and some plastic wrap that contained individual doses of what appeared to be cocaine.

Despite being unemployed, a total of $3050 dollars was seized from the driver’s person and vehicle. The car was towed to Totem towing to further the investigation.

Seized was a large quantity of what appears to be rock cocaine totalling almost 10grams and the cash.

The driver was arrested for possession of cocaine for the purpose of trafficking. The 24 year old Saanich resident was released on documents for court with conditions.


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